Phelon & Moore

Panther M 120 " Sloper "

Restoration of an amazing motor cycle

A kind of a dinosaur among the motor cycles. You would not date the Panther M 120 with its one cylinder's 650 cc with twin port exhaust in the year 1965. The spark is still delivered by a magneto, not as it was usual from a coil ignition.

This restauration keeps the "used" character, i.e.: technical components will be in absolute roadworth condition and will not abandon you, the optical condition will tell you the age of the motor cycle and that it was built to be driven.

Panther M120 as it was
Framework blasted and powder coated
Gear box in pieces and rebuilt
Engine and engine parts
Engine as it was taken out
Primary drive case
Rocker and engine cover
Crank case, inner shape
Crank case, outer shape
Cylinder head
Cylinder head